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Saffron Petals - Dried

Saffron Petals - Dried


This is a two gram pack (around 20 flowers) of our dried saffron petals. Our saffron flowers are collected and processed entirely by hand, they are dried on the day of collection, in order to preserve their best color and aroma.


Dried saffron flowers can be used both for decoration and to consume for their high nutrient content, stunning colour and delicate flavour.


Often used to make saffron herbal tea, in addition to the saffron threads, this has beneficial effects on digestion, PMT for woman, antidepressant properties and is a source of antioxidants. When used for tea, the petals release a lovely pale, blue/lilac colour and a delicate taste.


Some of our customer have also used the petals for Kombucha making, and also in cake decorating!

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