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2 Grams of pure, ground saffron with a 10mg scoop

2 Grams of pure, ground saffron with a 10mg scoop


You are an avid user! This tin contains 2 grams of our finely ground, pure and premium saffron. Enough for at least 40 family sized dishes, or if you are using medicinally, 100 x 20mg doses.


Ground saffron is fantastic for cooking as it is easily & evenly dispersed into your dish without the need for pre-steeping. We also have many customers who use our saffron regularly for health benefits, and so due to demand, we can now provide you withour pure, premium Australian saffron ground into a fine powder ready for use, along with a 10mg measuring scoop with each order. Many of our customers will then take the powder via pill form (you can buy empty capsules at most chemists), or dispersed into warm water or milk as a beautiful tea.


Following continuing clinical trials worldwide, there is growing evidence that saffron can have significant health and medicinal benefits. Some of the ailments and conditions for which saffron is widely used are macular degeneration, alzheimers disease, depression, ADHD and PMS in woman.


We highly recommend consulting your doctor or naturopath, however if you are taking saffron for any of the above conditions, it is generally recommended to take a 20-30mg dose per day for a period of 8-16 weeks to assess improvement


Pregnant or lactating woman should definately seek professional advice before taking saffron as a suppliment.

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