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Saffron Honey & Saffron Petal pack

Saffron Honey & Saffron Petal pack


Two of our newest products, paired together in a match made in heaven! Perfect as a gift, or just to treat yourself, you will get:


  • True, pure, on farm decadence. Our honey is produced on our farm, where the bees also feed on the pollen of the saffron flowers. We then infuse our very own potent saffron through the honey, and seal it up in a beautiful 100ml jar ready for you to enjoy! Perfect drizzled over a cheese board, ice cream, or pears!
  • A two gram packet of our hand picked and dried saffron petals. Each packet contains the petals from around 20 saffron flowers, carefully hand picked then dried only hours after. Saffron petals have significant antioxidant, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties and can be enjoyed as a tea or in cooking. The petals are also gorgeous as confetti, or in cake decorating


Note: Due to the amazing support we have seen following our appearance on the ABC program, Movi