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Saffron Honey & 1 Gram of Saffron pack

Saffron Honey & 1 Gram of Saffron pack


Two of our most popular products, paired together in a match made in heaven! Perfect as a gift, or just to treat yourself, you will get:


  • True, pure, on farm decadence. Our honey is produced on our farm, where the bees also feed on the pollen of the saffron flowers. We then infuse our very own potent saffron through the honey, blitz it up to a runny cream, and seal it in a beautiful 100ml jar ready for you to enjoy! Perfect drizzled over a cheese board, ice cream, or pears!
  • Each 1 Gram jar of our prize winning saffron contains the stigmas of approximately 250 crocus flowers, leaving you with our premium Australian Saffron. A 1 Gram jar of our saffron is enough to flavour around 10-15 family sized dishes!



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