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SAFFRON & TEA COMBO: 1 Gram of saffron + Nighty Night saffron & chamomile tea

One for you, one for a friend? Or just keep it all for yourself? In this exclusive combo offer, you get: 	A full gram of our premium saffron ion a stunning air tight jar which contains the stigmas of approximately 200 crocus flowers, leaving you with our premium Australian Saffron. The jar is designed to be re-used, so next time you order you can select from our refill options and save!	A box of our exclusive and potent "Nighty Night" tea, containing 7 teabags filled with our saffron stigmas and Australian, organic chamomile. The ultimate relaxation and bedtime tea, beware, these will have you nodding off before you get through the Netflix show you are watching!
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